The team behind Bloom is made up of good friends…

they love food, are passionate about people -- and most importantly – are in love with Jesus because of how His love and grace has turned their lives upside-down. They are very passionate, but far from perfect. They have diverse backgrounds and skills that, throughout the years, they've put to use to help people see and experience the grace of God. They don't hold degrees in Christian theology, but, then again, neither did any of the Apostles. Contact any of us via email at

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Luke Dusek (pastor)

is a lucky husband, proud father, and a serious foodie. He loves camping, roller derby, and triathlons. He is passionate about empowering people to make a difference in our communities in real and meaningful ways, and is lucky to work for Bloom and also part time as a bartender. To him, perfection is - a good brie cheese on baguette, a glass of red wine, a perfectly tended campfire, and the company of his closest friends.


Acooa Ellis

joined the Bloom family in 2013, after a long search with her husband for a congregation that worked for them both.  She joined the Elders team in February of this year.  Raised in the Southern Baptist tradition, Acooa enjoys the opportunities Bloom provides to gain a fresh perspective on Biblical teaching. When she isn’t working to influence state policy, Acooa enjoys time with friends and family. But, her absolute favorite pastime is making up songs and having dance parties with her son, Asa.


John Cunningham

is a Saint Paul Native who works as an artist, floral designer, gardener and project manager for an outdoors events venue. In his spare time he keeps busy painting, gardening, cooking, walking the lakes and hanging out with friends and family on the porch in the summer! Loves Bloom for its genuine kindness, openness and strong sense of community. Is passionate about God's love and grace, with a big heart for the LGBTQ community, and how they fit into God's Kingdom.


Taylor Hill

is a passionate product designer trying to be a professional one, an adventurous introvert, and a voracious reader. She likes learning new things, seeking out problems to solve, and introducing people to awesome stuff like Swedish rap music and the beautifully irrational, transformative nature of grace.


Keenan Henkelman

spends a vast majority of his free time reading. When he is not knee deep in pumpkin spice lattes he can be found taking walks through the city with his lovely wife, Michelle. He enjoys a good road trip, a shivery tale, and the refined taste of Little Caesars. He is familiar with all the interworkings of thoroughly organized religion,  but finds comfort in the simplicity of grace. Whenever he is not strangling you in a bear-like hug, he can be found quietly growing ideas in the garden of his mind.


Chris jorgensen

lives in the Twin Cities with his lovely new wife, Liz. When he isn’t working as a Software Engineer or trying to make Liz laugh with his dumb jokes, you can probably find him hanging with friends until his cup runneth over. A forever host, he loves cooking and entertaining for his friends and family. If you love going to local breweries, feeding your foodie habit, watching sports, playing strategic games or enjoying the great outdoors, you will probably have something in common.


Linsey Owen

lives in St Paul with her little doggie, Lola and husband, Matt the Brit. When she's not working in the office of a middle school as the secretary to the principal you can find her on the stage, doing what she is truly passionate about, directing the middle school plays. An avid reader, amateur gardener, DIYer, world traveled extraordinaire, crafter and experimental cook, Linsey loves to spend time with family and friends at home and abroad.