What’s with the name Bloom?

Naming a spiritual community is not as easy as it may seem. We wanted to find a word that described what was happening in us, rather than describe where it was we met. A word that described what we hope will happen inside of everyone who visits a gathering and encounters the message we share.

We don’t want anyone to need to have a degree in Greek or Hebrew - or even have a Christian heritage, for that matter - to be able to understand the simplicity of what happens when we allow God to embrace us. In Bloom we find something alive and something that reproduces. It's beautiful, diverse, and organic.

Why Bloom? Because that is what we are here to do.

Is this a church?

What’s a church supposed to look like? We believe a church is about people and relationships…not a building. We want our community to help us redefine church.

Can you sum up your mission?

We exist to create opportunities for people to experience the love, acceptance, and grace of God.

What is your LGBTQIA+ stance?

Bloom is an LGBTQIA+ welcoming and affirming community.

What can I expect on a Sunday morning?

  • A casual environment.

  • Friendly, loving, accepting people.

  • A 20-minute talk followed by a 20-minute discussion.

  • A kids area for crawling-1st grade.

  • To leave with questions. We’re okay with that, and hope you are too. We couldn’t possibly cover everything in an hour gathering, nor would we want to. We want you to come back for more.

Who is funding you?

Our funding has come from individuals who believe that what God is doing through Bloom is worth investing in. We certainly don’t have any rich uncles, corporate sponsors, or tycoons bankrolling us. If you’d like to donate toward our cause, click here.


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