Leadership Team


Erin Hurley Robinson (Pastor, she/her/hers): Universalist Christian, passionate Jesus-follower, & recovering perfectionist. Loving momma to Isaiah & Eliyah. Lucky wife to Tom. Injury-prone yarn craft enthusiast. Trained as a childbirth doula, amateur reiki practitioner, and LGBTQIA+ affirming, sex-positive sex and sexuality curriculum facilitator, with so many other degrees it will make your head spin (hers is still spinning, too). Inspired by the immense power of love, community, and grace, and particularly compelled to hold sacred space in the tender and raw moments - the beginning and end of life, grief & loss, transition, love. Too many years in seminary taught her that the most powerful learning, healing, and growth don’t come from books – they come from connection…to God, to others, and to self.  

Keenan Henkelman (Pastor, he/him/his): Omnist, or an individual who believes there is one force in the universe - call it love - that is harmonizing all peoples and cultures to itself. This creative energy is also leading us to reconcile with one another. This being - energy, god - shows up in multiple religions. Keenan most often uses the lens of Jesus, because of where he was geographically born and the loving family who raised him. A creative man with a laugh that ranges from bellowing to squealing. A father of two boys, born of a beautiful mother, who happens to be the kindest soul to walk the earth. An avid reader and connoisseur of horror flicks with a degree in church planting, and a deep interest in discovering how faith changes our perception of this world... rather than prepares us for the next.