No judging. No politics. Just Jesus.

Bloom is made up of a diverse, affirming group of friends who believe in making church a place to deepen relationships, ask real questions and share life together. A place for those who want – need – to doubt, search, grow, heal and flourish. Bloom.

We’re not sure how you feel about God, how much you know about the Bible or whether we agree on everything spiritual. That’s fine with us. Your journey makes you unique. And we think that others can benefit from what you’ve learned and experienced. Bloom is a small community sharing a story of God’s pursuit of us.

We invite you to join your story to ours.

Our Beliefs

We believe that love wins.

We believe that in the midst of all the big theological words and concepts, there is a compelling story of love that has the power to change the course of our own personal stories.

In a nutshell, we believe that there is a God who created everything and created us in God's image. We believe that we were once separated from God by selfishness…evil…sin. But that didn’t stop God. Though we aren’t perfect, God longs for a relationship with us – the perfect joined with the imperfect – and to be present with us today. In fact, God sent Jesus to earth to live among us so God could sympathize with us and remove any obstacle standing in the way of relationship with God. 

That is intense love.

God’s love for us knows no bounds. Through Jesus, God has illustrated immense grace – freely giving us the opportunity to live and to live wholly in relationship with God with no strings attached. 

That’s because God is love.

And we believe that God calls us to love others as God loves us. It may not be easy, it may not feel comfortable, but we believe it’s the best way to bring peace and acceptance to a broken world.

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