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Our Financial Commitment:

We understand that money can be a sensitive issue. In fact, in the context of church it can be downright awkward and uncomfortable. (Why do they need my money anyway?) We want to help ease the awkwardness while being sensitive to real questions concerning the management of this resource.

So here’s how we see it:

People are most important.

As a church, people are most important to us, not their money. We don’t view things through a lens of donor bases, giving units, or pet projects for those with money. We think it’s important for everyone to feel welcome, whether or not you ever give financially toward our cause.

We prefer to see it as what we give out,
not what we bring in.

Those who generously contribute to Bloom know that it is ultimately to benefit the people who walk in the doors and the community where we live.

Life isn’t about money,
but it’s necessary in society.

We wish we lived in a utopian society where we could get free use of facilities and unlimited free data packages on cell phones. But the reality is that we have budgeted items that need to be funded to keep things moving along. We’re doing our best to work with a lean budget that reflects what we feel is important to God.

We are very thankful for our generous
supporters who believe in our cause.

Our funding comes entirely from individuals who believe that what God is doing through Bloom is worth investing in. We don’t have any rich uncles, corporate sponsors, or tycoons bent on world domination bankrolling us. We’re not crazy about volunteers wearing corporate logos or having website sponsors, but we are open to rich uncles (as long as they're not bent on world domination). If you’d like to donate toward our cause, click the donate button above.

Open Book Policy on Financial Management:

Things are pretty straightforward. Ask us. We’ll show you.