It all started in 2008 when a group of friends decided they could make a difference together by creating a place they felt comfortable inviting people who – candidly – don’t like church.

A place open enough to allow people to follow Jesus before all their questions were answered and even as they were in the process of getting to know Him. Certainly a place open enough to communicate that perfection is not how spirituality is measured. And they were hopeful because it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened…after all, the Gospels tell us that Jesus asked people to follow Him before they really even recognized who He was - and they followed.

This group of friends desired to create a place to question, to wonder and to wrestle…all while experiencing the life of Jesus and the grace of God. Can a person follow Jesus without claiming to be a Christian? Will Jesus accept people even if they aren’t convinced everything in the Bible is true? Can they follow Jesus without having perfect lives? Can Jesus be experienced today in the lives of people who know nothing about Him?

In March of 2009, they shared their stories and this dream with even more. And once the story got out, they found that others shared the same desire to see the love of God in action and the message of Jesus lived out in community... in the same raw fashion described in the Gospels.

Today, the story of Bloom is no longer just the dream of a few. It is a collection of stories from multiple people experiencing the true grace and love of God in their lives every day - at dinner tables, in coffee shops, and at larger community gatherings.

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